Monday, August 08, 2011

There were lanterns in the trees: a dream synopsis

There was a lion in the field off to our left. You and I were walking along, and we saw this lion, and naturally we were afraid. The lion was running, not toward us, but on a parallel line, only in the opposite direction. Anyway, you don’t mess with lions, so we took a detour. The detour was through a junkyard. A winding downward path through a seemingly endless junkyard. Broken glass on the path, jutting edges of mangled steel. Not good. We were still worried about the lion though. What if the lion was on our trail, following. I tried to stay positive. I said we’ll get through, we will, we will. Then we came to a rickety bridge that went over a rapidly flowing stream. The bridge, it seemed to be made of sticks, but a lot of the sticks were fallen away, so you had to watch where you place your feet. After the bridge was a little house in among the trees. You see we were out of the junkyard now and into a forest. It was night, but there was just enough light to see the path, on account of lights in the trees like lanterns hanging in the branches, here and there. We thought maybe we should stop at the house because, you know, it was late, but we were so afraid. We just wanted to keep moving, so we went on. Then suddenly there was no light, just no light at all, no lanterns in the trees, nothing. I had a flashlight though and I fished it out of my pocket and switched it on and saw that the path had taken us into a tunnel, and the tunnel had come to a dead stop, just a wall of dirt, so we had to turn back. We decided to go back to the house beside the stream in the forest with the lanterns hanging in the trees. That house must be on a path of its own, and we could take that path instead, and who knows where that path might lead, it might lead us far from where we wanted to go, but we’d just have to take the long way, because there was no going back along the path through the junkyard to the field with the roaming lion. And that’s about where I woke up.

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lanterns in trees sounds pretty