Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Upon Being Awakened in the Middle of the Night by a Bat in My Room

[I was awakened last night by a bat in my room. Who knows how it got in! Not a fan of bats flying in frantic circles above my head while I try to sleep. So I got up, ducking and bobbing to avoid the bat, opened a window wide and took the screen out, then escaped from the room, shutting the door behind me. After a while the damn thing found its way out the window, but I got a poem out of the experience.]

Lively wisp,
animated blur,
trace of charcoal
on a page of night,
flapping shadow,
black beast,
manic, mapcap,
monstrous, small,
less than sparrow,
more than moth,
frantic flyer
in a sea of dark,
crazy stranger,
tiny nightmare,

why don't you go
and hang yourself!

1 comment:

Glynn said...

You could turn this into a creepy mystery story, like that old novel "The Bat" by Mary Roberts Rinehart.