Best of . . .

I haven't gone through the entire blogging history, but these samples will give you the flaovr of things around here. Check out the poetry!

The Inward and the Outward

Passion Fever (2/27/04)

Culm Banks, Coal Slides, and the Cry of the Poor in Spirit (5/13/04)

On Satan's Scylla and Charybdis (5/20/05)

Filthy Rags, Frayed Ropes, and the Otherness of Christ (6/4/04)

Too Long at the Fair (3/28/05)

Some poetry:
When the Mountains Gathered (7/4/04)

A Proposal (7/15/05)

The Dream of the Black Dragon (8/10/04)

Destiny is Identity (2/10/05)

Nor'easter (1/23/05)

Love Poem (2/16/05)

A Bronze Sky (2/13/05)

Say 10 Things about Water Without Using the Word "Wet" (4/20/05)

Manilla (4/24/05)

Toward (4/25/05)