Wednesday, August 03, 2011

August Poem: Sonnet with Disney Birds

August already? I've actually got a couple of poems in the pipeline, but I don't want to hit you guys all at once! This one I wrote this morning while listening to the little birds greet the dawn.

Sonnet with Disney Birds

It has always seemed to me that the birds
with all their chipping and cheeping
every morning are simply saying,
“Lighten the heck up, Mack,”

yes, in just that Disney-America slang,
as they skip from one branch to another,
as they flit, as they flutter, as they grasp
fearlessly the stinging nettle,

“Lighten the heck up! Make room,
you cantankerous old rattlebag,
for singing like the sun's coming,
like the sun's just now breaking out

from its long oblivion, like the sun
is back! Don't you give a damn?”

1 comment:

nance marie said...

cantankerous old rattlebag ... i like it.