Thursday, November 26, 2009

Edificial Knowledge

I've been hanging out with my fam in Indiana this week. Specifically, this last day or two, in Lafayette, where I lived for a few years, moving away at the age of 5. Being the church-geek that I am, I'm always curious about the local church scene. The Indianapolis area seems to be chock full of prosperous-looking mega-churches (or churches that aspire to be mega) situated strategically between sprawling shopping plazas and chain restaurants, and looking right at home there.

Notice the loaded language? Truth is, I've prejudged all these churches. It's totally unfair of me, I know, and I've no right to speak so condescendingly about places that after all I know only "edificially." Nevertheless, I'd probably never be tempted to visit one of these churches. If I ever moved to this area, I'd look around for a street-level church in the city, one that rents space in a school or a warehouse or meets in a home, and one that isn't all shiny and gleaming and house-proud.

No high-def screens, state-of-the-art sound, or state-of-the-art anything for that matter. But that's just me. I'm prejudiced.

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nAncY said...

i have seen some of these very buildings of which you speak.

i am wondering how they fill them up. some are right across the street from one another.

and there really are not that many houses around.

eveything is still very spread out there. like a little bit of peanut butter on a big piece of bread.

have fun in la-fi-et.