Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gallivanting in Indiana

Sitting in the Zionsville, Indiana, Starbucks on a Sunday morning. Saw a great performance of Hedda Gabler at Purdue yesterday (costumes by Jessica Pribble, who is dear to me), then went out for a tasty grilled Salmon for dinner.

I'm in the land of "In God We Trust" and Colts logos on the license plates. Prosperous looking dress-up/drive-to churches scattered between the strip-malls. Dallas Clark and Ron Artist live here, according to Wikipedia. Today I'm going to Columbus (to visit some old family grave cites), also stopping at Gnaw Bone to visit a flea market and maybe buy some wine. Yup, Gnaw Bone.


nAncY said...

i have been to zionsville, my father in law lives about two miles from there, and my husband, peter, just did a wine tasting there last weekend, at the grapevine cottage. cute little downtown with brick streets. you are also in the land of horses and corn fields. and cool looking old barns.

good travels - God bless

Brian said...

Hope you're having a good trip. My company's corporate headquaters is in Columbus and my SIL was at IU for several years so I've been through Brown County many times. If you make it to the state park they have a wonderful covered bridge you have to cross to enter.