Friday, November 27, 2009

Trip to Bountiful

I got up early and strolled about in downtown Lafayette, IN, this morning. Had breakfast at the Sunrise Diner. Took a look-see at the Long Center, which opened in 1921 as the Mars Theater and featured vaudeville acts like the Ed Wynn Carnival (featuring a "Wynn-some, Wynn-ing chorus line of beauties").

I love walking around cities, looking at the distinctive architecture, making note of the local restaurants and brew pubs, and of course the local library.

Also, I went to see my old house. I lived here 48 years ago.

The current resident, Wes, showed me around, even let me come inside. He'd painted giant martini glasses on the wall with dolphins leaping out of them. He did it for his wife, who loves dolphins. Like just about every Hoosier I've ever met, he was extraordinarily friendly.

While here in Hoosier-land, I also visited some family graveplots (in Columbus, IN). My Dad's:

And my grandparents':

I never knew my grandfather, Orval Pittman. He worked at the Cummins Engine plant, My mom says he used to sit on the back porch and play old mountain songs on his harmonica. A true hillbilly (I say it with pride).

While in Columbus, we also visited a landmark ice cream parlor called Zaharako's. A beautiful place. If you're ever in Columbus, don't miss it.

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