Friday, March 16, 2007

My Guys

My 2 boys are the coolest cats I know. Tim, for example, is designing sets for original plays (like this one) down in Bean-town (Boston, case you didn't know). We'll be going to see the latest on Sunday, provided today's Nor'easter is over and done with by then. All I know about the set is that it includes a big ol' tree made from chicken wire and papier mache. Oh, and another cool thing about Tim: he lives on an island. Not to mention his friend Zoe, who is also cool.

Then there's Nate. He's the opinionated mandolin player over at Into the Desert. His latest post is all about music and musicianship in and out of the worship context. It's interesting stuff. As for his coolness, you can just tell by the list of musicians on his sidebar . . . and the fact that they are all plain text, not linked, probably indicates a level of coolness the rest of the blogging world can only dream of. Heh, what else would you expect from a mandolin player?

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