Friday, March 16, 2007

Reading Report (2)

I've started reading Bryan Chappell's Holiness by Grace. This book is eseentially a presentation and defense of the notion that the Christian's sanctification is as much dependent upon the grace of God as is his justification. That's something our preachers seem to easily lose sight of, don't you think.

Well, my plan, when it comes to "Christian" reading, is to delve deep into the literature of grace. I stumbled upon Chapell's book in a library catalog, where I was actually looking for something else. BTW, take a look at the book's LibraryThing page and you'll see that there's a list of titles there generated by LibraryThing's "recommendations machine." I presume that people who have cataloged Chapell's book in LibraryThing are most likely to have these other books as well. Anyway, that looks like a potentially fruitful source of titles for my ever-growing reading-list.

BTW, I mentioned here that I've been looking for something intellectually stimulating to read. Well, I found it. Wish me luck!

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