Thursday, June 16, 2011

June Poem: When the Great Day Comes

The sense of something about to happen,
The sense of something looming, eminent, soon-coming.
You walk around with your brights full on;
you're waiting, expectant,
a little fearful.

"In the fullness of time," the old ones used to say,
and at last you think you know what they mean.
But perhaps they didn't understand
that the fullness is now, here,

and what is about to happen
is going to stop clocks, reverse spins,
and cause new stars to burst forth in the firmament.

Is it such foolishness to live this way?
Nothing as we know it will remain as we know it
when the Great Day comes.

"And what I say to you I say to all:
Stay awake."


Glynn said...

Lovely poem, Bob. We all wait for that day.

nance marie said...

i do sense it
now that you mention it
yes, i know i do
even as the question persists
i shall look at this
ripeness of time
this expectant wait
awake my heart
and see