Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Songbook: Weary Blues

If you haven't yet discovered Madeleine Peyroux, you're really missing something. This song, written by the great Hank Williams, really could have been used on my Americana Monday post (missed that one this week, didn't I), but Peyroux does a nice "cafe jazz" version (with a lovely muted trumpet solo). It's really a Nashville song, but Madeleine turns it into something very different.

And if you want to hear how very much Madeleine Peyroux has completely redefined the song, listen to old Hank's original version. I love them both.


nance marie said...

i like the accomaniment to her voice. but her voice leaves me flat compared to hank's voice in this song.

the drum beats in her version, i like those. as well as the muted horn.

i like the variation in hank's voice. it has more flavor and i can sink my teeth into it.

Bob Spencer said...

I know, that's the thing about old Hank. Something very real about him, through and through.