Thursday, November 04, 2010

Just testing an analogy

I just wanted to say that, if I walked into your room right now wearing a big red clown's wig, a flashing red ping-pong ball nose, pajamas with giant polka dots, and huge floppy shoes on my feet . . . and if Jesus was standing next to me . . . you wouldn't notice me at all. My ridiculous presence would go unnobserved. You would have eyes for Jesus only.

Just saying, the more of Him I have, the less me matters. "I must decrease," said John the Locust Eater, who was a pretty attention-getting kind of guy.

Again, did you read Bill Kinnon's question: Why aren't big name leaders decreasing?

Just wondering.

[Update: Scotty Smith prays about it.]


n. davis rosback said...

so far
i have read
creativity overcoming safty.

Bob said...

But how do you like my clown outfit? ;-)

Erin Hope said...

so wait, this tops the neon pink hair?

Bob said...

I think you're getting me mixed up with somebody else!

n. davis rosback said...

it's true. if i am looking at Jesus, i don't notice the clowns.