Saturday, July 31, 2010

Semi-kiboshed blogging-mojo!

Hey, I know this place. I remember now! This is my blog!

Seriously, I haven't given up blogging, at least not yet. The truth is, though, I seem to have run out of things to say.

When I started blogging, I had the ministry paradigm. My blog would be a place of "encouragement," which after all is a spiritual gift, right? I did that for a while, but soon my native grumpiness began to manifest itself, and I was the grumpiest encourager out there.

Always trying to tame the grumpy old man inside me, I toned that down eventually and found myself with a lot less to say.

In life this has always been a good strategy for me personally: talk less, listen more.

But it puts the kibosh on your blogging-mojo!

So here I am with a long-established blog, but little sense of mission or purpose. Still, it's a kind of home to me, so I'm not going away. That talk less, listen more thing only goes so far. Sooner or later I start chattering.


Anonymous said...

i have grown to appreciate your grumpy encouragement side.

started a new blog...ho, just wait a minute...let me explain!

it's just because i wanted to have a place to book discuss that book that is just plain plain good.
mere churchianity. it has stuff to discuss, you know.

it called
bend the page


Bob said...

Whoa, thanks for letting me know. Sounds great!