Sunday, July 25, 2010


Went to a music festival yesterday. What kind of music? String band, of course. As Darryl Anger says, "If you play a stringed instrument, or if you love to listen to string band music, you are a part of the vast republic of strings." Yup, I'm a citizen of that republic.

I heard some great bands yesterday. Among them:

Della Mae
Joy Kills Sorrow
The Packway Handle Band (liked 'em so much, I bought a CD!)
Crooked Still

The Claire Lynch Band {who played maybe the best dang version of The Wabash Cannonball I've ever heard!)

And the really amazing, show-stopping Steep Canyon Rangers (who played maybe the best version of Orange Blossom Special I've heard! Their fiddle player is incredible.)

It was a great day, full of great and inspiring music.


Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing this wonderful music.

i will be passing it along to others that will most probably appreciate it.

Erin Hope said...

I LOVE crooked still. and they were amazing when they played in asheville a couple months ago. and the steep canyon rangers played at merlefest. man, I'm gonna have to listen to the rest that I haven't heard sometime. :)

Bob said...

I think you'd like them all, Erin. Packway Handle is hilarious (as well as musically brilliant), and Della Mae and Joy Kills Sorrow are amazing too. Both of them are Boston-based, I think, but I'm sure they'll make it down to NC sometime!

Erin Hope said...

cool. I'll be sure to check all these guys out!

Steve Scott said...

"If you play a stringed instrument..."

I'm assuming, Bob, that you play a stringed instrument? Which one(s)?

Bob said...

You would think so, but no. I tell myself I'll try the ukulele (since it seems the simplest), but I'm just a lover of the music.