Friday, January 08, 2010

On frequently leaping into the same pool

So I really don't intend to write about Romans every day for a year, but it's definitely going to be a consistent theme in 2010. Of course I'm only one week into a 52 week plan, but I'm really enjoying it so far. You might have noticed I've also placed a link to the whole series at the top of the blogroll. I wanted to be able to look it over from time to time, so I put it in easy reach.

That's in a small bucket called "Top Drawer Odds & Ends." I'll probably toss a few more links in there. You see I've already put my early blogs there. It just occurred to me they ought to be somewhere. Just for the record. I've been blogging for over six years and 1600+ posts. What am I, nuts?

I've set myself several hefty reading assignments this year. I'll be spending the whole year with my face in a book! For one thing, I'm reading through the war in the Pacific, including all the major battles, some lesser known episodes, and a biography or two. I also intend to read Augustine's City of God this year if it's the last thing I do.

So beside this blog being all about Romans this year, it's also going to be all about books. That's why I made a point of updating my blogroll with some good book bloggers (they have their own section--scroll down, you'll find it).

OK, back to the Romans Reading Plan (if that ain't my new motto, what is!). Here's the gist (in case you missed it). I divided Romans up into 12 roughly equal segments, one segment for each month of the year. Each month I'll be reading the corresponding segment every day. Immersion reading, you might call it. The principle here is that frequent rereading of the Scriptures is very useful, and we don't do it enough.

But I also want to do justice to the context, a carefully wrought and multi-layered personal letter of sixteen chapters-so once a week I'll read the epistle in its entirety. This will help me to understand how themes struck in a particular passage are played out in the whole book.

That's it. When the year is over I suppose I will have read Romans about 80+ times.

Pray for fruitful reading!

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Anonymous said...

you don't fool me...i know that there will be some music posted here as well ;-)

i have another book dude for your blogroll of book bloggers.

it is glynn young..i see he is one of your followers. anyway, glyn's blog is faith fiction friends and the link is

hiyo romans! away!