Saturday, November 08, 2008

On America, Post 11/4

Nate Spencer has posted a couple of times this week (Nate's turning prolific!), here and here. The second of these refers to an absolutely pitch-perfect Internet screed by the Internet Monk, Michael Spencer. Michael is responding to a heavy-handed piece of propaganda from the Family Research Council (here). All I have to say is, thank you, Monk.

The FRC propaganda represents an adolescent's earnestly apocalyptic take on politics. Elections not going our way must mean doom for America, right? I myself used to think that way, before I became an old fogey. The flip side of all this is, elections going our way must mean that some version of the kingdom of God (or its secular counterpart) is near at hand! An Obama-supporting friend of mine wrote on her Facebook wall a couple of days back that she was "thrilled to be in this new America." Well, who wants to be the jerk who throws cold water on such youthful enthusiasm. But of course it's really the same old "new America" that America has always been.

Still, even I (grimly realistic where politics is concerned) wrote in my journal on the morning after the election, "It feels like something momentous has happened." One sage historian says its the beginning of the fourth republic in American history. He speaks of the cyclical nature of American politics, which implies that, well, there really is nothing new under the sun.

Wait a minute, somebody else said that, long ago. You can look it up.

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