Thursday, November 06, 2008

Greetings from the Loyal Opposition

It seems strangely perverse of me not to comment on the recent election, or at least take note of the social phenomenon that is Barack Obama. So, herewith, a few notes:

I have not seen such excitement over a candidate for president in my lifetime as that which I have seen in the past few months for Barack Obama.

I like Mr. Obama's temperament. He's cool-headed, mature, and I don't expect to hear of him having childish temper-tantrums or pity-parties in the White House. He's also smart. That having been said . . .

I disagree with much of his agenda, and I don't like his political allies much, to whom he will certainly be awarding power in the coming months (that's what president's do, after all). Despite the campaign hyperbole about unity and all that, the Obama candidacy represents the resurgence of the liberal agenda. This prospect does not fill me with warm-fuzzies.

The apt historical comparison might be the election of 1932. Franklin Roosevelt took office following a long period of conservative rule, and during a time of economic turbulence. In terms of governance, Roosevelt was a true leftist, but in terms of leadership, he successfully transcended politics and was a kind of chaplain/father-figure to the American people. Mr. Obama, while a very different man for a very different time, nevertheless seems want to embrace that same role.

Folks, things are about to get very interesting. That is the only prediction I will make. I do want Mr. Obama to succeed. I did not vote for him, but come inauguration day he will be my president. As for me, I expect to responsibly oppose those policies which I consider wrong, and yet always, as far as I am able, to love him and pray for him and his family.

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Unknown said...

Hey thanks for the link!

I plan to join you in praying for our president-elect! Its nice to see another Christian blogger out there not claiming that the sky is falling!