Monday, November 12, 2007

Whither Christianity?

Have you seen this article, reporting the results of Christianity Today's recent survey of self-described Christians. I think it's pretty fascinating. The pollsters sort the results into 5 categories, or as they say "5 kinds of Christians." One of their conclusions:
...for a vast number of people who consider themselves Christian, Christ is not the central figure of their faith.
Isn't that so not surprising! After all, Jesus is not the "the central figure" of a "vast number" of the sermons we hear from our pastors.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,

I came across your blog while out blogwandering. This is a fascinating study. I used to live in Scotland where a recent survey showed twice as many Scots attended church once a week compared to those going to the cinema; and four times as many went to church than attended a weekly football (soccer) match. However, I wonder if the football fans were more passionate or the movie goers more involved than those who sat in church?



Bob said...

Very interesting. And thanks for stopping by. Your blog looks quite interesting too!

Anonymous said...

thought of you when i read this...

what do you think?

Bob said...

I think it's right on the money. Victoria always is. Thanks for the link!