Thursday, November 15, 2007

"...the spiritual revolution of God's love..."

Son Nate hasn't been blogging much lately, but when he does it's well worth a look. His most recent: God loves you. Seriously. It seems that Nate was describing the message of Brennan Manning to a friend. He said:
His central message is that God loves us as we are and not as we should be.
And Nate's friend answered:
Well, yeah, that's good, but the danger of that message is when it's presented in such a way that keeps us from wanting something more.
To which Nate blogs this really profoundly on-target response:
No, I'm convinced there really is nothing more, sir. Nothing at all. Could it be that this attitude is really a fear-hounded mindset terrified of releasing the vulgar masses into the true freedom- freedom to mess up, act unspiritually, miss church, whatever- that God bought and handed out unconditionally to formerly dead people? Because true freedom might not look so "spiritual."

As C.S Lewis brilliantly portrays in the Screwtape Letters, Satan considers God "so unspiritual."

But if they plunge themselves into the spiritual revolution of God's love, they just might neglect the very important tasks of managing circumstances, manipulating appearances, garnering spiritual accolades, ensuring proper behavior, climbing the social ladder, maintaining comfort, keeping in good health, listening to approved music, reading approved books, eating approved cookies, wearing approved underwear.
Oh, man, Nate, where do you get this stuff?

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