Friday, July 13, 2007

Idols Only Breed Anxiety, Bitterness, & Despondency: Insight from Tim Keller

Maybe you've seen this already: Tim Keller's two-column comparison of Religion vs. The Gospel. Scroll down a little and you'll see this comparison.

In the "Religion" column:
Since I look to my own pedigree or performance for my spiritual acceptability, my heart manufactures idols. It may be my talents, my moral record, my personal discipline, my social status, etc. I absolutely have to have them so they serve as my main hope, meaning, happiness, security, and significance, whatever I may say I believe about God.
Then, in the "Gospel" column:
I have many good things in my life—family, work, spiritual disciplines, etc. But none of these good things are ultimate things to me. None of them are things I absolutely have to have, so there is a limit to how much anxiety, bitterness, and despondency they can inflict on me when they are threatened and lost.
I like that. Sharp guy, that Tim Keller!

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Anonymous said...

sounds like he reads the bible

Anonymous said...

Bob said...

Funny, that's the passage I spent time meditating on this morning!

Anonymous said...

very cool...praise God.

Bob said...

Not only that, but the sermon on Sunday morning was on guess what text!

Somebody's trying to tell me something!

Panda said...

Hi again, Bob. Long time no seen. Just found your blog again after visiting Milton's site.
Good to be back - hope you are OK.
I am now blogging at

I recognize this phenomenon of Bible texts that keep coming back to you again and again - look at this posting, for example


Panda said...

To see what I mean by recurring Bible texts, please also check these blog entries:

and also this one:

Somebody is clearly trying to tell us some things sometimes and He uses all means – even the Internet and Verse of the Day! ;-)