Wednesday, July 11, 2007

2 Books

I've begun reading Lud-in-the-Mist. This is a fantasy novel, first published in 1926, that I only recently discovered. Neil Gaiman called it "the single most beautiful, solid, unearthly, and unjustifiably forgotten novel of the twentieth century."

High praise. In fact, doing a quick Google search I find that everyone who speaks of this book has nothing but praise for it. I've only read the first couple of chapters. So far, beautiful and intriguing.

In addition, because I don't know how to say no to a good book, I'm reading The Baron in the Trees, about a young boy who climbs a tree as an act of protest against parental authority, and never comes down. Instead, climbing easily from tree to tree, he spends his life in the treetops. And if that idea doesn't stir you to want to read the book, well, I just don't understand you! [Just kidding (sort of)!]


Anonymous said...

you are into "the in" the books, right now, i see.

Anonymous said...

oh poo i mean the "in the" books.
how is the barron i the trees going? hard to imagine...does the book make it believeable?

Bob said...

Very believable, Nancy. In fact that's the thing about this book, that something so incredible can actually seem quite believable and even reasonable!