Monday, April 16, 2007

Patriot's Day Post

Yet another blustery Nor'Easter is rumbling through my neck of the woods. God have mercy upon those who live under trees today. Not to mention those who live in them. Along with the freight train sound of the wind battering my house, I hear the distant whine of sirens. A storm can seem very much like a battle at times, no? Maybe it's just the echoes of the original Patriot's Day. [If you're not from Massachusetts or Maine . . . or Wisconsin . . . well, do go to the previous link . . . or just forget about it!]

I finished Holiness by Grace this weekend, a really fine book. I'll soon be finished also with Eugene Peterson's Leap Over a Wall and will them move on to his Living the Resurrection. Can you tell I really like Peterson's stuff?

You'll note my book-links are entirely to LibraryThing these days. I'm committed to LibraryThing as a means of storing titles I'd like to read. But I have to admit that lately I've looked at a couple of other online serivices of a similar nature. There's Book Jetty, for example.

Oh, btw, please read, all of you, Jollyblogger's post, Spontaneous Expansion of the Church vs. the Organized Expansion of the Church. He's quoting a fellow named Roland Allen, who is--I can't help thinking--onto something!