Friday, April 13, 2007

3 (or 4) Things I Like

1) Between Two Worlds

Justin Taylor is a model-blogger. Always thoughtful, always engaging, always a resource. He blogs often about books and reading, and regularly cites the wisdom of the ages, as he did in this recent quotation of Jonathan Edwards:
Remember that pride is the worst viper that is in the heart, the greatest disturber of the soul’s peace and of sweet communion with Christ. It was the first sin committed and lies lowest in the foundation of Satan’s whole building, and is with the greatest difficulty rooted out, and is the most hidden, secret, and deceitful of all lusts, and often creeps insensibly into the midst of religion, even, sometimes, under the disguise of humility itself.

2) Transforming Sermons

Everything I just said about Justin's blog is true also of Milton Stanley's. Not only that, I've met Milton (and his lovely family)! Milton tries to be a resource for people, with an eye especially to helping people grow as preachers. But that doesn't mean you have to be a preacher to appreciate this wonderful blog. Milton just always seems able to find something to link to that is simply right and good. For example, he found this from Dan Edelen (yet another blogger I really like):
Something about maturity in Christ recaptures our childlikeness, that winsome inner spectacle that never ceases to amaze us who are His dwelling place. Anything is possible! What can He not do?

3) InternetMonk

His name is Michael Spencer (no relation). He's cantankerous (hey, maybe we ARE related!). He's always worthwhile. And he's always very quotable:
We are truly a culture willing to sacrifice our children for economic survival, and we shamelessly blame the young people lost in this maze for being what they are.


Dan Edelen said...


Thank you for the mention in your list of bloggers you like to read.

I've read your various blogs for a long time and always appreciate a charismatic blogger with a really good head on his shoulders. We need more like us out there!

Thank you for being a blessing.

Milton Stanley said...

Thanks for your kind words about TS. Thanks, too, for your spot-on analysis of some of the so-called encouragers in the church. Peace.