Sunday, October 16, 2011

Re-focusing Fandango

You know, I'm going to try to refocus Fandango on the Gospel, because that's the only thing that really jazzes me anyway.

I'm not much of a blogger these days.  Just figuring out a workflow will be a challenge, but what I hope to do is get two or three posts in per week.  Posts will generally be short and probably often merely link to what other bloggers are saying about, yeah, the Gospel.

That's it.

Along those lines, have you seen Nate's latest?  Nate has just read Scot McKnight's King Jesus Gospel.  I like his comments.  Well, I generally like Nate's blogging a lot.  I'm one of his keenest followers.

The McKnight book looks really interesting.  I think the dude's right on.  The Gospel is not primarily about my opportunity to make a decision for Christ, saving me from my sin.  It is that, but so much more.  C. S. Mann's commentary on Mark states it this way:
The Gospel . . . is the message that God's righteous purposes for Israel have reached both goal and climax in and through the ministry and person of Jesus; the Gospel is the assertion that in and through that ministry and person of Jesus, viewed as messiah and harbinger of a New Age, the reign of God is declared to all people willing to submit to its demands.
You betcha. God is restoring his broken creation.  And in the end his creatures will once again reflect the glory of the creator.  This he does in and through Jesus, his life, his death, his conquest of death, his present work.

Nate's rather long rant is also really good.

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