Sunday, September 25, 2011

No, I have not abandoned the Fandango.  But things have changed a little and I expect this is going to become, at best, a once-a-week blog.  I'm going to try to do something reasonably substantive on the weekends.

I'll report in on things of interest to me.  I'll try to save up my pearls of wisdom from throughout the week (i.e., never leave your bike out in the rain!).  I think this will work best for me, and if on occasion I have the opportunity to post something during the week, all the better.

Did you see this from Ben Sternke? No Mission without the Gospel of the Kingdom.  Important insight.  The good news that Jesus preached, right from the beginning, had all to do with the kingdom, which had come near in him.  Had become available, that is, in and through him. It is not about our missions, but about God's, which is a mention to reign over his creation through Christ.  If you shortchange the good news about the kingdom of God (God's reign), then you will hinder our understanding of Christ, because Jesus and his kingdom are inseparable.

I like reading Ben's stuff, by the way.  Good missional blogger.

I'm getting to know my mates at Christ Fellowship.  We hung out yesterday at an apple orchard, listening to bluegrass music.  Okay, maybe they're just humoring me, but I don't know many people that will actually come near bluegrass music . . . so that's cool!

Anyway, yeah, Christ Fellowship.  I'm beginning to think of it as more than an idea in the mind of one earnest church planter, but something real.

Okay, I need to get going.  So the deal is, one post per week.  I'll try to make it reasonably interesting!

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