Wednesday, July 06, 2011


So out of curiosity I got going with a Twitter account recently, but I'm not exactly sure what to do with it. Just finding my way, I quickly realized it was only going to get interesting if I "followed" a whole lot of interesting people, so I started finding and following all the young missional preachers and writers I know about, along with an assortment of poets, bloggers, and a relation or two. So yes, things did get more interesting, and I acquired a few followers myself, somehow.

Still, I have a couple of problem. I don't know what to "tweet" or why. I read that content-rich consistent tweeting is a way to "build your brand." Ah, but what brand am I?

And then there's the brief bio. I need one. Many of the other people on Twitter have bios something like this:
Speaker, vision-caster, rock-climber, thinker of deep thoughts, pastor of [insert cool church name here], etc.
Now, when someone identifies themselves as a "speaker," well, that's usually a bad sign, my opinion. But anyway, you can't hide from your times, and in our time people identify themselves as "speakers." Weird.

But nevermind. The point is, here I am with a "Twitter presence," such as it is. And I need a bio. Cuz with a bio I can build my brand.

And that's gotta be good!


Lore Ferguson said...

So where are you on twitter? tell tell!

Bob Spencer said...

Just added the link. :]