Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Search is Definitely Over

So, we've been taking this long sabbatical (you might call it that) from church-attendance for over a year now. I kind of wanted to wait and think and not leap too quickly, and have also been limited by the simple fact that there seems to be a dearth of what I would call Christ-centered and Gospel-driven churches in this area. [I've discussed all this at length in the various posts here.] In the meantime, we've gotten involved in a weekly Bible study at the home of a church planter, which has been a real solid blessing to me. Upshot of all this being, I seem to be experiencing a little revival in my soul.

This morning we went back a second time to a church where we'd had a favorable experience previously. In between visits they'd moved to a new meeting place, and we thought we'd let them get the kinks out before returning (well, I was really waiting for an increase in my wanna level). Anyway, back we went this morning and I just want to tell you, it was everything I've been saying a church ought to be about. Christ exalting, Gospel-driven, not flashy or loud, no video presentations, and humble worship leaders focusing our hearts and minds just where they ought to be. I haven't been this satisfied on a Sunday morning in a long time.

Anyway, it's a Harvest Bible Chapel, part of James MacDonald's tribe. So for now, this is where we'll be settling in. I'm still tracking with my church-planting friend, but until he moves to having a full-fledged worship service, HBC seems like the place and the family where God is leading us.


Anonymous said...

i left a blog name suggestion with pastor bob.

"in our midst"

since that was in his post and sounded good.

Glynn said...

Glad you found a church home, bob. It's been a long search.

DebD said...

Wow, a year without a church home...that must have been quite difficult. So glad you've found a Christian community to be a part of.

Steve Scott said...

Great to hear it, Bob. Hope it works well over the long haul. We may be on the same track, too, here shortly.