Sunday, July 17, 2011

Daddy's Got a Squeezebox!

I bought an accordion!

Crazy me. I'm nearly 55 and have yet to coax my inner-musician out of hiding. I've written a few songs, and I really thought the ukulele might be my breakthrough instrument, but no.

So I bought an accordion yesterday. It's nice, it's vintage, and I bought it in part to help out a friend. She could use the cash, and I wanted to bless her. But, yes, I've always wanted to play the accordion!

I think it's all of a piece with the season I'm in just now. I want to dream, I want to take chances, I want to challenge myself. And I want to play the accordion.

This is actually pretty important to me. In a way, it's an attempt to set a pattern of taking up new things, meeting new challenges. In a strange way, I believe that learning to play the accordion will make me a better, more flexible person, more confidant about the next challenge that comes along.

But isn't that just like me to make it all about self-improvement? Sure, but I also want to take pleasure. I want music. I want laughter. I want quiet and unquiet glee, me and my squeezebox. And maybe some earplugs for my honey!

In all honesty, I could use some prayer on this.


Glynn said...

Is it you who needs the prayer, or is it the family around you? How about I pray for all of the above?

Seriously, there's nothing wrong with trying something new. Go for it.

Steve Scott said...

My mom got one in her 70's! She played many years ago, and picked it up very quickly. Way to go, Bob!

"...make me a better, more flexible person..." Good pun.

Erin Hope said...

Woah! that's awesome! You guys are going to have to come visit asheville to join in on a music-jam!
That's great to hear though. :) sometimes I get discouraged because I want to learn about 5 instruments, and I feel like I'm running out of time or something, like 25 is too old. (which is a silly sentiment) It's kinda inspiring, plus, accordions are pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

roll out the barrel!

Bob Spencer said...

Glynn, if you pray for the first, I guess that'll take care the second as well. But for now, both!

Nate said...

I just read about a band near me that consists of five accordian players. Lookin' for a job?

Somehow, I'm surprised but not surprised - have fun with that thing!

DebD said...

What great fun. My kids' piano teacher took up the banjo in his 50's. It's been hard but he's have a blast.

Enjoy yourself.