Wednesday, June 29, 2011

3 Things

I've been beating this drum for a long time (so much so that it's gotten old even for me), but this is well put: No More Get Better Sermons
....When you get to church to find out that the preacher is in the third of a 10-sermon series on “10 steps to cure depression” get up and run out of there as fast as your depressed legs can take you. It’s self-help, not the gospel. Chalk it up to a well meaning preacher who hasn’t yet realized that our real hope is in God, in the sufficiency of his work on the cross and in the salvation that is not found in get-better sermons.

I haven't read this book, but I know I'd recommend it to new parents. You hear all kinds of crap about child-raising, including strenuous Biblical justification for beating them, but I like the sound of Give Them Grace. Paul Tripp (whom I respect greatly) says if it:
So many Christian parents fall into the trap of asking the law to do in the hearts of their children what only grace can accomplish. Armed with threats, manipulation, and guilt, they attempt to create change that only the cross of Jesus Christ makes possible. It is so encouraging to read a parenting book that points parents to the grace of the cross and shows them how to be instruments of that grace in the lives of their children.

Two recent posts from Jared Wilson on friendship: here and here.
Relationships between needy "me-monsters" and need-to-feel-needed "fixers" are not friendships, but co-dependencies.
I've known many of the former, but it's the latter that really frustrate me. They're perhaps a little more rare (among men, anyway) but these people only really feel happy if they're solving your problem, patting you on the hand and telling you everything's going to be okay, etc. They often tell you about how they blessed someone yesterday, and hold themselves up as little blessing factories. They absolutely cannot stand to be alone.

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