Wednesday, June 01, 2011

10 Christian Biography Titles

John Piper's Ten Reading Recommendations for Christian Biography:


Matthew B. Redmond said...

I've read most of these. And they are for the most part good reads. The problem though is they are all pastors or missionaries.

We need to write and recommend biographies of christian bankers and plumbers and architects. Those who are not in vocational ministry outnumber pastors exponentially. And yet all the recommended books are of vocational ministers.

Bob Spencer said...

You make a good point, Matthew. It had always seemed to me that when people are serious about their faith, they are inevitably encouraged to go into vocational ministry. Make it official, as it were. Something you can put on a business card. The Moms and Dads of faith, raising their kids, practicing forgiveness, etc., these folks don't get the biographies, but they're really the backbone of the faith.