Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Whither Fandango?

That's my question for myself, and one for which I don't have a sure answer.

After all these years I feel like I've kind of run out of posts that once made up the lion's share of the writing here. That would be (1) the teacherly (and I hope encouraging) posts about Bible passages and (2) the snarky critiques of churchy things. Just to let you know, I'm reading my Bible devotionally (and with great joy) and journaling through Mark, but I'm not inclined to refine my journal notes into blog posts, at least not just yet. That may come later.

The other theme of this blog has been book notes. What I'm reading, what I'd like to read, what others have recommended for me to read. I had wanted to use the blog to help me retain such recommendations, but I haven't actually accomplished that. I think the future of Fandango in the near term will be more along these lines.

Then of course there's the music posts, and the occasional poetry. I hope to keep that going. I see this becoming a book-chat sort of blog now, with the occasional faith-content. By the way, in case anyone's wondering, though I suppose in some ways I'm less of a faith-blogger now than at one time, I'm not having a crisis of faith or anything like that. I've kind of peeled off from the crowd (no disparagement to the crowd intended, it's just something I had to do) and I'm simply not masquerading as a teacher or faith-guru for anyone. I've been getting with a few folks at the beginning stages of a local church-plant, and I'm feeling inclined to hang with them and talk about Jesus, working out in fear and trembling what God had been working into me.



Glynn said...

My own experience has been that, over time, the blog changes. And that's a good thing.

DebD said...

I'm new to your blog and have been enjoying it quite a bit. I hope you'll stick around a bit.

I also go through periods of "should I keep blogging or not?" quite often myself. Somehow I keep sticking around. Sometimes it's nice to have a place to think out loud, even if I don't end up hitting the "publish" button.

Anonymous said...

my plan is to keep on checking in.