Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Update

I have so little to say lately, sometimes I think about quitting. But no, I want to continue posting my Americana Monday and Friday Songbook posts at the very least.

We're in the rainy season here. Not much sunshine. Plus, I hurt my leg running. Dang. There's the bad news for you.

I hadn't been reading my Bible for a while. I've been reading Tim Keller's King's Cross, but very intermittently, stretching it out over many weeks. It's a sort of meditation on Mark's gospel, so that's probably why, when I finally decided to get back to reading the Bible like a good boy, I started with Mark.

I love the gospel according to Mark.

Also, I've been getting with a church planting couple in my area, meeting on a weekly basis to talk about Jesus. This has been my "church" experience lately. It's not "church," I guess, but it's "the body". [see Rom. 12:4]

So anyway, reading Mark. Just started. I'm reading it meditatively, as they say. Which means, for me, maybe I'll read a short passage over and over for days. So I'm still in chapter 1. And it's stoking a flame in me. I can feel it. It's happening. I'm getting excited about the Word again. It's very cool.

Meantime, it's still raining, overcast. And my leg hurts. But this guy Mark, he has this astonishing, incredible news. It's crazy. It's about Jesus. I kinda wanta shout!

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Anonymous said...

i think about blog quitting at least once a week.