Thursday, April 07, 2011

IMonk on American Gnosticism

I really enjoyed reading this collectiion of Michael Spencer quotes on "the Evangelical circus." Michael has my vote as greatest Christian blogger ever. Here's his analysis of "American Gnosticism:"
…what is called American Christianity is actually some sort of American Gnosticism, a religion of direct human experience with God that has no need of the Bible, the Gospel or Christ and the Cross in the classically Christian sense. We are apparently such basically cool people, that we can get in touch with God our little ol’ selves if we just tune in the right way. Today, we have a Bible that is described as a “love letter,” a Gospel of manipulated and self-generated feelings and experiences (complete with band), and a Christ who is a whispy, feminized, dispenser of hugs and life management principles and no-cost/no discipleship salvation. Of course, this is the appropriate religion for people whose only actual concerns are feeling good about themselves and having it all without feeling guilty. Sinners seeking a remedy for the righteous wrath of God need not look into modern Christianity for any help.
On a similar note, Do you suffer from Acute Church Center of the Universe Syndrome? I have, but I think I'm over it. Now I want to go to a church that isn't intent on spreading the contagion, infecting me again.
Clinical trials have not yielded a definitive cure for ACCUS but scientists think it might have something to do with acting like Jesus. Turns out, He was the center of the universe and He did everything to not act like it.


Rob said...

Hey Bob, I' just found your blog through your comment on Ian Cron. I've been in a season of exile myself and really like what you're writing. Thanks.

Glynn said...

I followed Internet Monk when Michael Spencer was still alive,a nd I continue to follow it today with Chaplain Mike. Consistently high-quality, thoughtful and sometimes provoking posts.