Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday This & That

Someone who says she suffers eco-anxiety commented (on Facebook), "I pretty much don't want the human race to go on existing."


Gratiafied has a good post about, ummm, gratiafication. I think. It's called, Christless moralism for Jesus. How we do slip into that. And it's the enemy of all that is good.

Carl Trueman discusses something he calls "churchly piety" (Part 1, Part 2). No offense, but that sounds scary!

The Rob Bell brouhaha is simmering down. Or was it an imbroglio? A contretemps? An evangelical catfight?

Jeff Dunn at Internet Monk has put together a nice bunch of quotations.

I'll finish with something from the original imonk, Michael Spencer:
The human experience of weakness is God’s blueprint for calling attention to the supremacy of his Son. When miserably failing people continue to belong to, believe in, and worship Jesus, God is happy.

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