Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Morning Musings

Ah, Saturday.

The lovely lass with whom I wistfully wander this wilderness way has had to go into work today (don't ask), leaving me dangerously on my own. What's the plan?

Read some. Go for a run. Do some laundry. Read some more.

We've picked out another church to go to tomorrow. This one will be the first "Spirit filled" type since we've begun looking. By the way, I bracket the term in quotations to indicate my niggling dissatisfaction with it; it's more a reference to style than to actual Pentecost-like realities . . . as is usually the case, isn't it?

Does it seem like churches that emphasize the Bible neglect the Spirit? And vice versa? I'm not the first to make that observation, I know. Just thinking out loud.

The Rob Bell imbroglio--or maybe it should be called an evangelical rhubarb--Jesus Creed features some interesting responses. One of the quotes he features is from theologian Richard Mouw. Here's a snip from that:
A prominent evangelical had criticized those of us who have been in a sustained dialogue with Catholics for giving the impression that a person can be saved without having the right theology about justification by faith. My response to that: of course a person can be saved without having the right theology of justification by faith. A straightforward question: Did Mother Teresa go to hell? My guess is that she was a little confused about justification by faith alone. If you think that means she went to hell, I have only one response: shame on you.
And here is probably a good place to add this.

But enough about all that. I really just wanted to use the word "imbroglio."

I mentioned a few posts back I've been focused on the Sermon on the Mount lately. Just thinking and musing and journaling and picturing. And just now it reminds me of this:


rick said...

i love the doobies

nance marie said...

cool music and word.

speaking of word
the word verification is

Bob Spencer said...

I've often thought about including the verification word in my comments. Great minds think alike!

Mark Babikow said...

My word is "gropic" :)...and can't get the doobie bros experience on a kindle....but youtube does work in a pinch so I am humbled.

Bob Spencer said...

Mark, Codswallop Station Weekly is a riot!