Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Bell Curve

Gee, the whole Christian blogosphere is alive with talk about Rob Bell and his supposed slide into apostasy. I have no opinion about Bell (though I didn't care much for Velvet Elvis and I think his hair is weird...but hey, at least he has hair), but now that a certain set of theology-guardians have painted him as decidedly universalist--based mostly on a recent promo-video Bell had made--you can bet they'll go over the book (when they finally read it) with scrupulous assiduity. They really won't want to back down, having defamed Bell on the vaguest of evidence. My guess is that the book won't pass their rigorous examination, what do you think?

[By the way, Jesus Creed has the best take I've seen on the whole overblown snarkfest.]

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Milton Stanley said...

I agree. From what I've seen of his work, I'm underwhelmed by Rob Bell. Mr. Bell, the hype about his book, and his critics are all very, very, very tiresome.