Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Church Visit

So I went to church again last week.

This one was about as standard-brand as you can get. Ministry team up front on a raised platform, facing an audience. Half-hour of heart-felt music, then pass the plate, then half-hour or so of preachin'.

The people here were genuinely welcoming. That hasn't been typical in my experience so far. Also, the pastor seemed genuinely a part of the congregation, not just the hired Bible-expert. His message focused on evangelism, and I didn't completely concur with it all, but he was earnest and unassuming.

This was not exactly an inspiring church experience, but it was refreshingly un-flashy, not straining after relevance, and essentially Word-centered. It was real. The music was God-focused, and we sang one of my all-time faves, By the Blood.

This group will be transferring to a new building soon, and in fact will be moving from the exurbian fringe (out beyond the mall and the industrial parks) and into the city (reversing the normal direction of church migration) for which I highly commend them.

Seems like I'll probably go back to this one.


The Journeyman said...

Bob - Hope you can find a place to fit in, a place to both receive and give.

Bob Spencer said...

Thanks, Barry. I've grown a little more intent on doing so, after a period of de-pressurization. I can honestly say that I'm not looking for awesome, I'm just looking for real.

Steve Scott said...


Please let me know if you find a church in which to settle down. I just may drive the 3000 miles each week.