Saturday, February 05, 2011

Books and Movies

So I like the way the blogging has gone in the past month. I think I posted more in January than any month previously, and I liked the tone and the range of subject. I still want to post more frequently on the books I'm reading, and maybe once in a while find something intelligent to say about the movies I've been watching. For instance...


My latest novel is called Five Black Ships, the story of Magellan's circumnavigation of the globe as told by his jester! Didn't know he'd brought a jester along, did you? I don't know if he really did, but the book is pretty exciting. Out of print now, only available in used copies on Amazon.

I've also started reading a couple of biographies, one about Frank Sinatra called Frank: The Voice, and the other about Mickey Mantle, called The Last Boy: Mickey Mantle and the End of Americas's Childhood. I'm guessing I'll mostly just scan the Sinatra book, but delve into the Mantle biography.

I'm still reading Randy Alcorn's If God is Good, which I am liking a lot, but obviously it's not really catching me up, or I'd be much further along than I am.

Among other things I'm going to try to get to is an old book of short stories by Katherine Anne Porter called The Leaning Tower and a little memoir by the great nautical historian Samuel Eliot Morison, called One Boy's Boston 1887-1901.


Been taking in musicals lately. This is spurred on by my desire to learning about the great songwriters. The most recent three are Funny Girl, West Side Story, and A Star is Born. West Side Story is one of the greatest movies ever made, excellent at all levels.

My favorite movie bloggers, by the way, are Macguffin Movies, Another Old Movie Blog, Out of the Past, and Classic Film Boy's Movie Paradise.

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the other day i watched "hang em high"