Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Last Christmas Post (I promise)

Heck, I know Christmas is long past and the whole debate about putting Christ back in Christmas and all that (the Christmas "culture war") has been mothballed for another 11 months or so (only to be brought out again next year in a debate as ritualized as live Natitivities at the megachurch down the road), but I just had to point out this hilarious post posted on Dec. 20 over at Missions Misunderstood.
Is it a “win” for Christians if secular businesses say “Merry Christmas?” Is that part of our mission on this earth? Is a coerced profession of Christmas our mission? I’m no expert in degrees of God-honor, but “If you don’t say Christmas we’ll go elsewhere to buy the Chinese-made junk we don’t need” doesn’t seem like it’d be that high on the list.
The post is titled, God Is Most Glorified When Wal-Mart Says Merry Christmas. Gotta love it.

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