Thursday, January 06, 2011

3 Poems

You may have noticed, you who pay attention to the poetry posts here at WF, that my favored poetry prompt is bird watching. Almost all of my poems feature birds. That's why I was attracted to this lovely example of bird-inspired poetry By Simmons Buntin. The language here flows in a birdsong-like torrent. It's really outstanding, and you'd better read it!

John Hayes' January Morning is really, really wonderful. Really. I want to write something half that beautiful someday.

And a haiku from Wendell Berry. It's amazing how such a small form cab carry so much weight. A well-made haiku is a tiny diamond, and this one is particularly fine.


nance marie said...

thank you for the links.

Mark Babikow said...

Love Wendell might like this sermon from a musician in which he replays his experiences that reveal Christ's presence in our lives...I think you will like this...I hope you do:)

in His Grace

Bob said...