Friday, December 10, 2010

New Discoveries

I've been "traveling" to new places on the Web lately, looking for blogs that might provide the kinds of content that I want to have represented on my blogroll. You'll see I have an Americana section now, which is mostly music, and a section called "Reading Books, Watching Movies, etc." Under that heading you'll find a few classic movie bloggers, and also the Friday Night Boys. Here's the descriptive subtitle:
THE Friday Boys are a disparate group of six men spread across Tyneside who meet once a week - 'always on a Friday' - to talk about the arts, raise a glass to recently departed heroes and villains and, at the evening's end, down a whisky or two. The FB's have only one golden rule - talk of the working week is strictly off-limit.
Now doesn't that sound fine? I would love to find a Friday Night Boys meeting in my town.

I also want to bring your attention to Robert Frost's Banjo. Good stuff there.


Mark Babikow said...

Any website that plays Nat King Cole when I open it has my attention. Sign me up for that meeting...makes me think of what I think heaven will be like, except Tony Bennett will be at the table and the bar tab lasts forever.

Bob said...

I know. I'd be right there with you. And Louie Armstrong and Mel Torme would have to be there too!