Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

So it's 12/31, is it? Where has the time flown?

This is the . . . let me see . . . 266th post of the year, which seems about average for me. Oh, and it's the 1865th since I started. Sheesh!

I'm actually enjoying blogging these days, and I do have some plans. For example, I'll be starting a new music series called Murder-Songs Monday. No I'm not getting all morbid in my old age, but I thought a little lighthearted ditty about death wouldn't hurt now and then. Seriously, I think I can sustain the murder-song series through the coming year (52 murder-songs), after which I'll switch to, I dunno, songs about puppy dogs or something. Stay tuned.

The general idea is of course to broaden the subject matter of this blog to include all my interests. I've been using the Internet to find music, especially lately Americana and folk music, and so I'd like to share some of that now and then. I'll also be posting, of course, about the books I'm reading, the films I've watched, etc. The usual blogging fare.

On the other hand, I'm not going to wander too far from the faith-focused blogging that has always been the common thread around here. My feeling is that we get quite enough blogging from church-leaders, but not so much from the rest of us, so I feel it's a kind of a blogging-niche for me (for whatever that's worth). My series on our rather fitful search for a new church will continue. Again, stay tuned.

I'm going to try to do at least one devotional post per week. Of course the words "I'm going to try" might as well mean "I'll never be able to," but, well, yes, I'm going to try. I'll be reading through the lectionary this year, and it will be helpful to me to regularly write something about what I'm reading, and maybe a few other people will find it helpful as well.

Oh, also, I'm continuing the monthly poetry challenge (like it or not!). I aimed at one poem per month last year, and met the challenge (quality is a only a secondary priority). Same deal this year.

So that's about it. Happy new year to one and all. See you after the zero flips to one!

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nance marie said...

good stuff...all of it.