Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I've been keeping this blog going, barely, by posting music vids and occasional links to other blogs, etc. The conversation (if you can call it that) that had dominated Fandango for a long time seems to have petered out. I've just got nothing much to say these days. I'm not really contemplating killing off the blog, but I'm contemplating some serious change in content and purpose.

While that contemplation proceeds, I'm not likely to do too much posting. This blogger is going on a retreat. The first sign of changes to come might be a tinkering with the blogroll. Some familiar faces may drop off, simply because I want the list to reflect my current emphases, not a conversation that has come to an end.

This is all very uncertain, up in the air. I expect the coming month to be very light on blogging, and then in January perhaps some new posting again, but who knows.

Until next time . . . .


nance marie said...

i lost ...deleted my two blogs by mistake... i am so computer savvy.

i don't think i have been on your blog roll for quite some time. but, no matter.

i like to come by and visit and see what you are up to.

i am still getting my google reader filled with those i like to visit with.

anyway, looks like i got back just in time for a november poem

Bob said...

Hey Nance, thanks for stopping by once in a while. Yeah, I've been tweaking the blogroll for quite some time in the interests of keeping it focused, but now my focus seems to be changing. What I might do is create several blogrolls of ten or so, each with a different focus. I think I'm going to move poetry a little more forward in this here blogscape, so you and others will likely be represented on one of those blogrolls. Anyway, I'm giving myself a month to mull it over and kind of outline the kinds of content I'm going to have, but it will be more wide-ranging than in the past. Keep checking back!

btw, I do visit your blog from time to time ;-)