Friday, October 29, 2010

Americana Week: Day 5

Okay, last day of the Americana series. I haven't nearly done justice to the amazing diversity of this music. I haven't featured the Blues at all, nor the rich and ongoing musical harvest from the Mississippi Delta (which, heck, isn't even really a delta..what's with that). Like Bluegrass, the Blues is thriving, producing young innovators who keep reshaping the tradition and drawing in other influences. It's really rather amazing. Jorma Kaukonen was once one of those young innovators, and as he's gotten older he's simply grown more rooted in the Blues tradition. Here's a nice example. Not a great video, but a great sound.

And just for good measure, here's the great Reverend Gary Davis:

There's so much good music being made today, and so much available from the past, I believe we're living in a culturally rich era when it comes to music. And that ends my brief tribute to Americana.

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en joyed the reverend