Saturday, October 16, 2010

An Agenda for Personal Revival

Did you read the poem a couple of posts back?  I'm serious about what I said there.  I've been dying lately, it seems.  I need reviving.  Here, quickly, are some of the things I need to be about.
  1. I need to be making.  There's the poetry, but it would be well to find other outlets for this as well.  
  2. I need to be learning.  And not from books exclusively, but from practice.  I need to be working out new skills, working with my hands, etc.
  3. I need to be serving.  All sorts of ways to do this.  But I should be watchful about these opportunities.  This one begins at home, but must not be limited to the home.
  4. I need beauty.  Look for it.  Name it.  Celebrate it.
  5. I need body life. (See 1Cor 12:12).
I'm working on these things.  I'm sure there are others, but these seem to be the "felt needs" of this particular season of my life.  I feel as if I've been wasting away lately, and I think these are some of the things that will help in my own personal revival.


n. davis rosback said...

I too
am entwined
in the troubled bliss
of body
and spirit
knows God

i am with you
by His Spirit
as are others
we are one
in this litter
ukulele pickin'
working hand
amid the noise
and haste

Bob said...

Wow. Very cool!

Milton Stanley said...

Sounds like a good plan. I can really relate to the need for beauty (especially with what I've been seeing in the mirror the past few years). Peace.