Tuesday, October 26, 2010

4 Things

Found this over at DashHouse:
The way of health and humility is for us to admit to ourselves that in the final analysis we do not and cannot know the measure of our success as God sees it. Wisdom says: leave success ratings to God, and live your Christianity as a religion of faithfulness rather than an idolatry of achievement. (J.I. Packer)
Found this at The Blazing Center:
You’re stuck in a happiness rut and you want to know how to get out.

I understand. I’ve been there before. Sometimes I just get so sick of being happy that I’ve got to take drastic action.

There is one sure fire to get yourself out of a happiness rut:

Make yourself the center of everything.
Found this at Mockingbird:
Forgiving love is a possibility only for those who know that they are not good, who feel themselves in need of a divine mercy, who live in a dimension deeper and higher than that of moral idealism, feel themselves as well as their fellow men convicted of sin by a holy God and know that the difference between the good man and the bad man are insignificant in his sight. (Reinhold Niebuhr)
And I found this at DesiringGod:
The hope in hearing the old, good news is that it would perpetually break new ground in our lives. Our hearts are like a jungle. There is untamed wilderness and darkness that has not yet been brought, as it were, under the rule of the One who has laid claim to it all.

We need to hear the gospel again and again so that the old, good news of Jesus Christ would reach into these unchartered territoties of our lives and fly the flag of its dominion. This is how we are "being saved." This is what it means to be overcome by the gospel.

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