Saturday, September 04, 2010

September Poem

Yes, I’m ready for September.
I’m ready for a sudden and not unpleasant chill in the air,
and the feel of long sleeves, the feel of wool,
the feel of leaves beneath your feet
and the sound of them,
and the lonely sound of the last cicada,
and the changed sound of the birds,
and the way that even the sound, say, of a child’s swing,
seven backyards away,
and of the child’s brilliant laughter,
seems altered somehow, seems now,
as cummings said, far and wee,
as if all the auditory world
had undergone a strange and secret shift,
or as if all these common sounds that through the summer
had been set against a backdrop of orchestral brass,
are now set against a backdrop of nearly inaudible strings,
playing something from Vivaldi, say,
so that every note takes on a new and chastened character,
the texture and feel of the word village,
or of the word forest,
or of the word


Maureen said...

I like this a lot, Bob. It evokes well the image of season's changeover. You sustain the uses of imagery of sound until right to that final "farewell". The poem has a nice cadence, too.

Bob said...

Thanks, Maureen. I value your encouragement! In my poems I'm always trying to capture the feel of something that's out there, apart from me, but that starts some kind of response within me, and that cadence is an important part of conveying that.

Lore said...

I'm leaving New England for the next six or seven months to live in Texas and leaving on the brink of my favorite time in the Northeast is hard, hard, hard. Reading your poem makes me nostalgic already and I've only made it as far as Philadelphia...

Kathleen Overby said...

Nothing compares to the sound of a swing. You noticed.

Anonymous said...

i am very very fond of this one.