Thursday, September 02, 2010

Assorted This and That

Dane Ortlund asked a lot of interesting people this question: What is the key to healthy Christian growth in Godliness? I really enjoyed reading the answers. Perhaps if we got all these people in a room and asked them the question, there might be some "Godly" contention, since the answers are fairly wide-ranging. Personally, at the moment anyway, I think Joe Thorn's answer is the one that resonates in my own heart:
I believe the key to healthy growth in godliness is the cultivation and exercise of Scripture-saturated prayer by which we express and experience our dependence on, joy in, and work through Jesus Christ.
But you should read the others. It's a great post.


Jeff Dunn lists his five favorite non-fiction books (along with some honorable mentions) over at Internet Monk (which should really be "Monks" these days, but whatever). It's an interesting list, not the usual necklace of literary icons you get when Christian bloggers tell you about their favorite books. Reading widely is a good thing!


Ray Ortlund. Go to his blog, start at the top, and begin reading. No other blogger will repay you with more Gospel-drenched wisdom, more consistently, than Ray.


Frank Viola is also one blogger that merits frequent visits. Viola seems to be a tad controversial for his support of the "organic church" (as opposed to the "institutional church"). I have not studied this issue in depth, and I definitely shy away from dissing the so-called IC altogeher, but Viola makes a lot of sense to me. This post features a book review not by Frank but by by Jon Zens. In the course of the review he asks several Viola-like questions which I too have often asked myself.

By the way, I intend to read more of Frank's published work soon. Jesus Manifesto is outstanding.


Finally, a few recently discovered bloggers among my "Assorted Jesus Fools" bloglist:

Matt Redmond of Scribio Facio Noto

Brent Thomas of Holiday at the Sea

Ross Rohde (I think that's his name) of thejesusvirus.

Michael Kelley of Forward Progress.

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