Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Week in Music

I've been interested in the folk revival of the late 50s for a long time. Last week I watched a film about the Kingston Trio, who occupied the more "mainstream" or "pop" end of that spectrum.

Doing a little YouTube searching afterward, I rediscovered the Chad Mitchell Trio. Here's a great example of their work (featuring a young Roger McGuinn--later a founding member of The Byrds--on guitar and banjo):

This week I also watched a couple of episodes of Pete Seeger's old TV program, Rainbow Quest. This was a rather amazing show, made on a shoestring budget in the mid-60s, and showcasing folk music from all over the world. His lineup of guests amounted to a who's who of folk, blues, and "old time" music and in my opinion stands out in television history. Perhaps the following clip is not exactly the best example of the show's quality, but it sure cracked me up. Meet Cousin Emmy ("the first hillbilly to own a Cadillac"):

Anyway, not wanting to finish this music post on a piece of utter fluff, here's something from a contemporary British band associated with something of a folk revival these days, Mumford and Sons:

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Steve Scott said...


I heard the Kingston Trio sing the national anthem at a San Francisco Giants baseball game. My seats were on the aisle they took to get on and off the field, so I got to congratulate them personally afterward. Very impressive.