Thursday, July 01, 2010

Church Choices

I want to get back to church one of these days. The thought stays with me, nags at me. I don't see myself in this church-free existence the rest of my days. What I don't want to do is search high and low for "the right church." And if and when I do start dropping into some church on a regular basis, I won't be eager to "join," and I will be one of those "low commitment" members who doesn't get involved (church leaders, you may now blanche with indignation). We'll take frequent Sundays off just to show 'em who's boss!

I have, as I see it, about three options.

1) Back to the Vineyard. Main reason to go back: lots of people we know. Not a bad reason, that. Opportunity for community, high. Opportunity for annoyance, also high. A hoopla-driven church, with lots of loud music and excitement. M'wife loves the worship there, not so much the other stuff. But we have many friends there. That could be key.

2) Missio Dei. A fine church, in my opinion, even if they do sing U2 songs as worship. That doesn't annoy me all that much (just a wee bit, not being a U2 fan), but it points to a cultural divide of sorts between, well, us and them. Practically everybody in that church is 20-something or thirty-ish. In other words, my kids' generation. I attended for a few months and never really connected with anyone. Nobody's fault, I'm not saying they're not friendly there and all that, but we just didn't click with anyone (then again, maybe I'm just not the clicking type!). But I do like the preaching a lot. And meeting in a school cafeteria suits me. On the other hand, m'wife really doesn't like the worship there at all. I call it refreshingly unprofessional.

Neither of these churches is actually in my neighborhood. Choice (3) is to simply attend something close by. This options appeals to me some. I'm thinking maybe the Baptist institution down the street. People wear ties there. Weird, that. But presumably they're big on Jesus. That would be the clincher.

So there are the choices, as I see it. Some days I lean toward one option, other days to another. We're not in a hurry, and will probably just take the summer off. That's the inclination of the Lovely L, and mine as well. But meanwhile I'm thinking about it all the time. Waiting for the Aha! moment, I guess.

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Anonymous said...

if you were able to write out a description of a good fit for you, what would it look like? just curious.